5 Tips to Protect your Motorcycle Engine

5 Tips to save your motorcycle Engine

You’re worried about your appearance, right? But what you need to worry about is not the outward appearance, but your heart. Because the heart is responsible for the entire process of your body, and as a rider, you should think more about the motorcycle Engine. The Engine is the heart of the bike. That’s why in this article “5 Tips to Protect your Motorcycle Engine” we at Bikewisdom.com wanted to tell you how to keep the Engine healthier.

1.Avoid slippery chain

To keep the Engine on your motorcycle in good condition for a long time, the transmission system must work fine. The best thing to do is to clean the bike’s Chain regularly and adjust it well. Use paraffin to clean the Chain. It is best to use a soft brush and a piece of cloth to remove the dust from the Chain.

But remember, don’t use water to clean this Chain. After removing the dust, take some of the used engine oil and lubricate the Chain. Motorcycle Chains should be free and keep without tense at all times. If the Chain is loose, the power distribution from the engine can’t be optimal, and it may waste a lot of energy. So don’t forget to go to a Service Center or Experienced mechanic to Adjust the Bike Chain.


The battery is one of the main reasons that the bike’s engine life is shortened. In order for your motorcycle’s battery to function correctly, the electrons must travel freely to all the parts that need electricity. This means that these parts must be properly connected to the battery for the power-up and function.

 That’s where the connection between the battery and the Engine comes into play. When starting an engine, an insulated wire delivers a very large current from the battery. So, if the cable between the Engine and the battery is not connected correctly, the electrons cannot enter the Engine freely. It directly affects the life of the Engine.

3.Spark plug

The Motorcycle Spark Plug is crucial to creating fuel and air combustion in the Bike Engine. That means the bike spark plug needs to be functioning correctly for the Ignition System to work fine. Therefore, it is very important to protect the Spark Plug on your bike. If a bike spark plug is not in good condition, it can cause energy waste and possibly even heat your engine.


Now, most of the riders change the bike appearance as they wish. They add a lot of new features to the bike. These things can greatly affect the look and function of the bike. Unbeknownst to you, those changes reduce the life of your Motorcycle. All the parts you add will add extra weight to the bike’s engine. But you can also make some modifications to your bike as beneficial to engine.

5.Change Oil at the Right Time

To improve the life of the engine, you need to consider changing the Engine oil at the right time. Some bike manufacturers say that to increase sales, or as a sales tactic, It is ok to change engine oil after 10,000km. But if you think about your engine, you have to drive between 3,000 and 5,000 km and change the oil on the bike.

If you remember these tips mentioned in this “5 Tips to Protect your Motorcycle Engine” article well today, you will be able to keep your bike’s engine in good condition for a long time.

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