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What motorcycle mechanics are doing

Usually, the motorcycle mechanic diagnoses the errors and faults of your motorcycle and provide solutions. Not only for a motorcycle but scooters, dirt bikes, and mopeds as well. They are doing required adjustments, repairs, Services, and replacement of motorcycle parts.

In addition other lists of duties as follows,

  • A well-experienced motor mechanic has the ability to diagnose engine faults listening to the engine’s sounds, and examining the frame, they can determine the nature of damage or malfunctions. 
  • They can replace defective motorcycle parts when it’s required using hand tools and power tools.
  • Necessary adjustments of forks, transmission system, brakes, and chain according to specifications.
  • Necessary engine repairs of carburetors, generator or magnetos.
  • Testing motorcycle performance such as generator output, ignition system testing equipment.
  • In addition tire pressure and condition checking 
  • Necessary alignments.
  • Motorcycle engine oil changing.

A motorcycle mechanic works 40 hours per week from 9 am to 5 pm.According to research, However 62% of motorcycle mechanics are satisfied with their job. This career is based on practical activities. They have to work with tools and machinery. Therefore a motorcycle mechanic is a practical solution provider for real-world problems.

Motorcycle mechanic salary scales

One of the most frequently asked question is when we write an article about any career, is salary scales. And here is the answer regarding motorcycle mechanic jobs.

Average salary

Annual average salary-39000$
Hourly average wage-20$/hour

Starting salary

Beginners annual salary-23000$-29000$
Beginners hourly wage-(11$-14$)/hour

Just like other careers, beginners are getting around 23000$, annual salary and salary range will increase with their experienced and performances.

Salary scales according to seniority

  • Top-level motorcycle mechanic-59000$
  • Senior-level motorcycle mechanic-47000$
  • Mid-level motorcycle mechanic-36000$
  • Junior motorcycle mechanic-29000$
  • Beginner motorcycle mechanic-23000$

Salary scales according to states

However motor mechanic’s salary scales vary according to the state where you work. In other words, simple way of increasing your salary is moving to a higher-paying state. But there is no guarantee because of expanses also much higher in those states. 

StateAnnual Salary
New Hampshire44000$
New jersey39000$
North Dakota37000$
New York36000$
Salary scales according to states

Qualifications required to become a motorcycle mechanic

This is one of the frequently asked questions. According to the survey we have done, we found that 80% of motorcycle mechanics are certificate holders.30% are associate degree holders, In addition 12% are higher diploma holders.

To become successful in this career, it is not only about the qualification you have, but the skills and hands-on experienced. You should complete 1 or 2 years of on the job training with qualified motorcycle mechanics because this career involves communication, organization skills, supervising, problem-solving skills, and many more skills. However this training will prepare you to perform the job well in the future.

Workplace of motorcycle mechanic

Usually, the motorcycle mechanic’s workplace is an open and well-ventilated place with good lighting conditions. Most of the repairs and services are done at the workshop, Sometime they have to work the outside. There is hoist in the workshop so that motorcycle mechanics can lift the motorcycle and do necessary repairs and services. Therefore, they do not want to lay on the floor like automobile technicians and will not get dirty as much.

Motorcycle mechanic Job market

Around 18000 mechanics are working in the united states and willing to grow 0.6%. Motorcycle mechanics are rated with D employ ability rating Career Explorer ratings. It means that this career provides less employment opportunities in the future. In number, the United States will require around 6200 motorcycle mechanics in the next 10(ten) years due to 6000 of the retirement of existing employments. Even small vehicles and motorcycles are becoming popular in primary transportation due to the fuel price increase, this job market has slow growth potential. There are other advantages to this career. Someone who has management skills can become a service manager or General manager of a dealership company.In addition,Someone can start their motorcycle shops and expand later to service other vehicles as well.

How to become a motorcycle mechanic.

Step 01-college

Firstly, you need to get a high school diploma. You can find the number of technical colleges or community colleges around the country. They will give you practical and theoretical knowledge for your career. Sometimes they will facilitate you with good internship as well. If you have a goal to run your shop or dealership company one day, You need to complete a degree in management or business.

Step 02-training

Secondly and most important thing.This is the place where you spark your abilities and skills. You will get hands one experienced about what you learned in college. And also, you will learn how to assemble, disassemble, fault diagnosing tips, and many more practical things in your training period. This will make you a skillful motorcycle mechanic with deep knowledge.

Step 03-Certificate

Sometime you may have to pass an exam and get certified to work as a motorcycle mechanic in your state. To clear this, contact your state’s licensing board. In such an exam, you will be checked for the following points,
Electrical system
Fuel system
Ignition system
Exhaust and emission control systems.
and many more theory parts..

Step 04-Experiences

Finally,Now you are ready to start your career in the field. Experiences are the vital and most important things in this kind of job. Experiences will make a better mechanic. So continue learning every day in your life, and enjoy it.

Motorcycle mechanic school


Wallace Community College


Motorcycle Mechanics Institute – UTI Phoenix


Arkansas State University – Newport

College of the Ouachitas

Pulaski Technical College


Los Angeles Trade-Tech


Motorcycle Mechanics Institute – UTI Orlando


Georgia Piedmont Technical College


College of Western Idaho


Iowa Lakes Community College


Central Louisiana Technical Community College


Washington County Community College


Prince George’s Community College


Motoring Technical Training Institute


Kirtland Community College


Minnesota West Community & Technical College

Central Lakes College Brainerd

Alexandria Technical & Community College


Hinds Community College


Southeast Community College – Lincoln

New Jersey

BMW Headquarter Facility

New York

College of Technology at Canton

North Carolina

Central Carolina Community College

Forsyth Technical Community College

North Dakota

North Dakota State College of Science


Auburn Career Center

Terra State Community College

Washington State Community College


Canadian Valley Technology Center

Central Technology Center

Moore Norman Technology Center


Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science & Technology


Salt Lake Community College


Green Mountain Technical & Career Center

River Bend Career & Technical Center


Bates Technical College

West Virginia

Academy of Careers and Technology


Madison Area Technical College

Fox Valley Technical College

Moraine Park Technical College

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College

Chippewa Valley Technical College

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