Different Types of Punches You can see in combat Sports.

Different Types of Punches You can see in combat Sports.

When you watch a fighting movie such as Karate Kid, Ip man, Bruce lee’s movies you can find the number of punches which fighters use in fights. Or if you have trained in any martial art or combat sport, you should have learned the basic type of punches. But today in this article “Types of punches” we going to tell you all about these punches.

Punch is a striking blow the fist. Different types of Punches are so much notable in boxing because it is the only technique you can use in a boxing match. But punches are used in most martial arts and combat fights. We know that in sports, Hand wraps or gloves are used the athlete to avoid injuries. The use of punching techniques varies between combat sports and martial arts. In Boxing, Russian fistfight and Suntukan use punch alone while in Kickboxing, Muay Thai or Karate would use Punches along with Kicks. Other combat sports such as Professional wrestling or Judo do not use punches at all. So, As a result, there are different types of punches all over the world. Let’s see one one.

Types of punches – Rabbit punch

The punch name came from the hunters. They used this technique to kill rabbits a strong strike to the rabbit’s back of the head. Hunters used to kill a rabbit with this technique with the chain wrapping around the fingers. Rabbit punch is a dangerous blow to the back of the head. This is one of the dangerous types of punches because it would damage cervical vertebrae and subsequently, the spinal cord which brings serious injury. Due to this risk, Rabbit punch is an illegal punch in most combat sport. Sometimes you have heard that fighters complain about this strike after the fight. In boxing, these punches are common because there are amount of head movement involve, and when one fighter slips the punch it goes to the opponent back of the head.

Types of punches – haymaker punch

Although Haymaker punch is similar to the hook punch but less effective because these types of punches are easy to block a good fighter, sometimes you have also heard this while boxing or MMA commentator. Haymaker punch is very wide and comes with a lot of power behind it. A fighter can finish his fight with a knockout with this types of punches. But the drawback is this punch can easily predict an opponent. Because this punch travels much distance, the opponent has time to avoid and block. And also these types of punches widely exposed your face and allowing your opponent to strike to your face hardly. Even this type of punches are easily avoidable, and fighters commonly use this.

Types of punches – superman punch

This types of punches used in Muay Thai, MMA, kickboxing, Lethwei or sanshou. There is much power behind this shot because the whole body is involving in this punch rather than your arm. And also here you can deliver punches with great weight and faster. Therefore superman punch is much effective than normal punch maybe seven or eight times than your normal punch. There is little chance to block or avoid this shot an opponent. Superman punch commonly uses as a surprise attack. Therefore fighters should know the best time to use it. In any combat sport or fight, you should take necessary precautions for counter-attack. When you go for superman punch, don’t forget to keep that lead hand up your head to protect yourself from counter punches.

Boxing punches

Here we mainly write about Boxing, because Boxing is the only combat sport which uses hand punches. Boxing is all about techniques. Strength, Power or Speed will not do anything to you if you don’t know the techniques. You should learn and master each technique before entering to the ring. Power and effectiveness of each punch comes from good techniques and repetitive practices. So, let’s see what the different types of punches in Boxing are.


The jab is arguably the basic punch in boxing with speed, used to set up another heavy and powerful shot. The jab is not a knockout punch, fighter use this punch to create space. There are Six(6) different jabs punches in boxing like regular, tapper, space-maker, power jab, double jab, body jab, and counter jab. The main target of the jab punch is the opponent’s nose. To strike jab, step forward with a lead foot and extend your lead arm towards the opponent’s face. Then quickly retract your lead arm back into a defensive position.


The cross is types of punches used as a lead punch or counterpunch in boxing. It Is powerful and straight shot targeting an opponent’s face. Cross punch thrown your dominant hand which comes across your body. As an example to throw a right-handed cross punch, throw your right hand towards the opponent’s face from the chin and pivot your body to the left side. Reverse these steps to make a left-handed cross.


The Hook punch is one of the hard punch in boxing with knockout power for the opponent. A hook punch mainly targets at the jaw and to the liver as a body shot. Even you can throw a hook punch with your lead or rear hands, Lead hand hook punch is more powerful, and target locked one as usual. There are different types of punches in the hook as check hook, back step hook, pull back hook, hook uppercut, lead body hook and leading leap hook according to techniques involve in punches. Their number of boxers are popular for hook punch like  Joe Frazier, Bob Foster, Jack Dempsey, Henry Cooper, David Tua, Tommy Morrison and my favorite Mike Tyson.

Upper Cut

The uppercut punch is one of the dangerous punch in boxing with knockout power. Learning correct uppercut techniques is much important for boxing players, and it is among the hardest types of punches to master. Iron Mike Tyson Juan Manuel Marquez, Canelo Alvarez, and Roy Jones Jr are biggest boxers in history for their quick and powerful uppercut punch. To get a good result, Players should have a sense of correct time and right manners of which time to use uppercut. Even though the Opponent’s chin is the main target of uppercut punch, they are difficult to land because boxing players cover their centre zone(chin and solar plexus) with hands usually.

I think, If someone wants to be professional in any sport, They should master the technique in a particular sport. Repetitive training, Hard work will bring you an excellent result in the end. So in this article “Types of Punches” I wrote all about punches. You can refer the videos attach here for more details as well. Good Luck.

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