Motorcycle Oil Change

How to Change Engine Oil on a Motorcycle (2)

Motorcycle Oil is the protector of your Bike Engine. Because oil causes lubrication between parts of the Engine, then all the parts work correctly. That’s why at the right time, you need to change bike oil running 3000 km – 5000 km. But now you don’t have to go to the garage to get a bike oil change. Because today in this article “motorcycle oil change” we’re going to teach you how to change Motorcycle oil without any help.

Motorcycle Oil Change – Materials required

Even you are going to do this at home, and you have to buy some of the ingredients need for an oil change. But definitely, you can find little things like a piece of clothing, soap that requires to do this around your home.

Engine Oil – If you look at the motorcycle’s manual will tell you how much oil you need. You need to buy that volume of oil and some extra oil for future purposes. Then you can fill up the shortfall at home if the bike’s oil is down.

Oil Filter – You should buy this from a spare parts shop. The oil filter should fit your Engine. But if you think this is not right, the best thing to do is to take the correct part number from the bike manufacturer and get the oil filter from one of their dealers.

Sump washer – Keep the current washer if it is ok. If there is a slight problem, get a new one.

In addition to this, you need to buy gloves and a funnel. Then walk around the house and find a small tray and a bike stand. And get the tools also.

Motorcycle Oil Change – The first step

If you gone somewhere with Motorcycle and now you are going to change the oil, the best thing to do is to delay the work for about 10 minutes. Because the engine was running, there was a lot of heat. So you have to wait until it’s cool down. Or burn the hand.
If the engine is cool, we can get to work. This is easy to do when put the side stand of the bike. Put that tray underneath the engine. Then use the tools to unlock the engine drain plug. You have to rotate that anticlockwise. Don’t lose the plug.

Oil flow

Now the engine oil will fall freely into the tray. It will take some time. So you can have a little break. But if you want to get the job done quickly, tilt the bike a little into sideways. The oil will fall off quickly. But if the bike is a bit heavy and you don’t have the confidence to do it, the best thing to do is to wait until the oil is gone itself.

Old Oil filter

Now, if the oil is gone, you can remove the old Oil Filter. With the Filter Removal tool, you can remove the filter. You have to rotate anticlockwise here also. When the old oil filter is removed, some more oil comes out. You have to wait for it. Now you can have a cup of tea.

A new one

If there is not even a drop of oil, you can place a new oil filter. Some Motorcycle manufacturers say that you can put some fresh engine oil on the filter and place it on the bike. But some bike manufacturers do not approve of it. With a little care, you can replace the oil filter on.

Let’s close the doors

After all the engine oil is gone, you can put the drain plug or the sump plug again. Insert a new washer into the plug. Then it is best to put the plug manually and then tight it with a tool.

Fill up

Now you have to know how much oil is stored in the Motorcycle, as mentioned in the manual. If you know it already, you should not worry. Remove the plug of the engine and fill the new oil with a funnel.First, fill the oil with about 3/2 of the engine’s oil capacity. Then fill in the blanks gradually. Follow these steps to avoid overflow the oil.

Motorcycle Oil Change – Final inspection

When the oil is full, re-install the plug. Then start the bike for about 5 minutes. Then check the condition of the bike’s oil pressure light. Now turn off the engine and recheck the engine oil level. If that’s not enough, add some more oil to the engine. Don’t forget to check the oil level one more time after you go on your first journey with an oil change.

In this article “motorcycle oil change”we give you fair knowledge to change motorbike oil yourself. Now you know how to change Motorcycle Oil A to Z. So you don’t want to hang around the garage to change the oil. You can take care of your bike at home.

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