Improve your motorcycle Performance and appearance

Improve your motorcycle Performance and appearance

The motorcycle should be more attractive and comfortable. When your motorcycle getting older and if it does not get updated, the bike performance will decline. That’s why we are going to tell you about Parts that can enhance the bike’s performance as well as the bike’s look. Sometimes these parts can be a bit expensive. But you have to bear the brunt of this financial loss to improve the look and feel of the bike.In this article “Improve your motorcycle Performance and appearance” we give some important tips.

Side mirrors

Mirrors are a legitimate part of every motorcycle should have. But sometimes the original side mirrors come with bike don’t look that great. Especially the mirrors on the off-road bike or the sports bike are not so good. But if you go to the nearest bike parts market, you can buy a pair of glasses that fit the motorcycle perfectly. CRG Hindsight or Blindsight Bar End Mirrors are the best choices you can make in the market. Those can be attached to the handlebar’s ends.


The looks of the bike’s original reflectors are not very attractive such as side mirrors. That’s why so many Riders change Reflectors. There you can pick up the excellent bike’s Reflectors. You know that a motorcycle should have good mirrors. But nobody’s worried about these Reflectors. But Reflectors are essential for the safety of the bike as well as for you at any time especially in the night time. So be sure to check the condition of your bike and the Reflectors.

Exhaust System

One of the biggest things we can do to improve the performance of a bike is to upgrade the Exhaust system or the ignition system. This will allow absorbing more air to be burned and decrease wastage of energy produced the engine. If replacing the Exhaust system bit expensive, it is a good idea to switch to the muffler and slip-on only. Even the look of carbon fiber exhausts is good, and it is important to choose a durable, manually made of titanium or steel exhaust system.

Fender Eliminator Kit

The Fender Eliminator Kit completely changes the look of the bike and makes it look pretty attractive. While some Fender Eliminator kits can fit into any bike, some Fender Eliminator kits only suit one particular bike. So be careful when buying Fender Eliminator kits for your motorcycle.

Air Filter

Air Filter is responsible for bringing the new air to the combustion chamber. Therefore, it is best to clean the air filter regularly, or at least every two to three days. This will improve fuel efficiency and increase bike performance as well. This also directly affects the lifespan of your motorcycle.

Rear Seat Cowl

The Rear Seat Cowl is a part that enhances the appearance of the bike. This will not only improve the look of your bike but also make it a bit more difficult for the person behind the bike. But if you are riding your bike alone, it doesn’t matter if you put the part in.


This will control your weight, comfort, and bike handling as well. Not only that, but It also makes comfort and safe ride when you ride motorcycle faster.


If you want to improve your bike’s performance, this is the thing you should consider most. But manufacturers also don’t concern about tires when they introduce their bike into the market. Because they know that when you buy a bike, you change the tires anyway, but make sure you don’t buy imported tires again. Because every imported tires are manufactured to fit the their country’s road. You can easily understand that they are not compatible with our local roads. So, it’s always wise to use a local tire brand. But make sure to buy more flexible tire with good tread patterns. It is also important to select tires that make good touch between tire and ground as well because it will maximize the bike engine’s efficiency.

Frame Sliders

This part is crucial for the safety of your bike. If there are frame sliders on both sides of the bike, the damage will be minimal if the motorcycle is accidentally rolled over. And for those who are looking at your bike, these Frame Sliders shows that you are riding a bike too fast.

As we said, these changes will Improve your motorcycle Performance and appearance. Customizing your bike appearance will depend on your favors. But if you can improve your bike performance considering the above factors quickly, it will affect your financial side.

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