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Texas is well known for its Motorcycle culture. The long open road and different terrains make a beautiful destination for riders. Before you put your motorcycle on to the road, you should have an idea about the Texas motorcycle’s law.So,In this article “Motorcycle inspection Texas” we are going to tell you all about what you need to know before going to your inspection in Texas.Such as checklist in an inspection, Cost, places where you can inspect your motorcycle, etc.

To renew the annual registration of your motorcycle, you need to pass an inspection test in most of the states in the united states. This inspection will ensure roadworthiness and safety.

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What is motorcycle inspection?

In a motorcycle inspection, the motorcycle has been inspected for its suitability and safety for riding on the road. And this may differ from pre-ride inspections. In this article, we are telling you that the motorcycle inspection Texas.because the checklist and the inspection methods maybe a little bit different from the other states. But there are several common inspection regulations and factors among most states. Simply in a motorcycle inspection, it is inspected before putting it on the road whether the motorcycle is in good condition or not.

Do motorcycles have to be inspected in Texas?

The simple answer is “YES.” According to the research, there are around 4 million registered motorcycles in the state of Texas. As a state law, All registered motor vehicles, including motorcycles in Texas, have to pass an annual inspection test. When you pass that inspection test, you will receive a certificate to place with the rear number plate. So it will indicate that your motorcycle is legal to put on the road. On the other hand, this inspection gives you the confidence to ride your motorcycle without fear for the some of the sudden breakdowns.

Why motorcycle inspection important in Texas?

Motorcycle inspection in Texas or whatever the city is very important. Because it is not only to avoid Police or get a motorcycle license, but its about road safety. We should confirm that our motorcycle is in good riding condition before putting it on to the road. You can make this a habit. Do a pre-ride test before you are going to go anywhere, and it is good for your safety. And also, then you can go with if you are the person who cares about state law and your safety getting a motorcycle inspection certificate is much important.

motorcycle inspection Texas cost

All motor vehicles registered in the state of Texas need to receive an annual inspection certificate. All inspections include a comprehensive safety inspection as well. The state of first registration decides the inspection cost and the type of inspection need to do.

Inspection TypeCountiesState portion Station PortionTotal Inspection fee
One-Year SafetyAll counties except those listed below and vehicles 25 years and older7.50$7.00$14.50$
Two-Year SafetyStatewide16.75$7.00$23.75$
Safety Emmission(TSI/OBD)El Paso8.25$18.50$26.75$
Emission(ASM)for vehicles 1995 and olderBrazoria,Fort Bend,Galveston,Harris,Collin,Dallas,Denton,Ellis,Kaufan8.25$31.50$39.75$
Emission(TSI/OBD) for vehicles 1996 and newerBrazoria,Fort Bend,Galveston,Harris,Collin,Dallas,Denton,Ellis,Kaufan14.25$25.50$39.75$
Emission Test OnlyEl paso2.75$1.50$1.50$
Emission Test OnlyTravis & Wiliamson2.75$11.50$14.25$
Emission Test OnlyBrazoria,Fort Bend,Galveston,Harris,Collin,Dallas,Denton,Ellis,Kaufan2.75$13.50$16.25$
Safety Emission(TSI/OBD)Travis & Wiliamson10.25$18.50$28.75$
Motorcycle inspection Texas cost

motorcycle inspection Texas requirements & checklist

According to Texas law, several motorcycle components need to be functioning properly at all times. The following list of components will be tested in motorcycle inspection Texas.

  • Horn                            Exhaust system
  • Mirror                         Tail lamp
  • Steering                       Stop lamp
  • Brakes                         License plate lamp
  • Tires                            Rear red reflector
  • Wheel assembly          Head lamp
  • Motor, serial, or vehicle identification number

There are around seventeen countries in Texas require an emission test rather than these inspections. By emission test, they are ensuring that your motorcycle is an environmentally friendly vehicle to drive.

how to pass texas emissions test

Sometimes vehicle owners want to test their vehicle before their first testing notice. This will allow us to find the time to do the necessary repairs done before the registration expires. Here are some tips and tricks for you to pass the Texas vehicle emissions test.

  • If your vehicle’s check engine light is ON, its time to Scan your vehicle and find the fault.
  • Do necessary maintenance according to schedule.
  • Run your vehicle at least 15 minutes before the emission test.
  • When your vehicle’s OBDII system is showing trouble codes, Do the required repairs a qualified mechanic.
  • If you replace your battery with a brand new one, it is better to drive it for a couple of days before the test.
  • Keep in mind Motorcycle Oil change on a routine basis.

motorcycle inspection near me

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