Riding Motorcycle In The Rain-8 Tips

Riding Motorcycle In The Rain

There is a rainy climate these days. This will remain bad weather will remain more days. But we can’t stop our work because of the rain. That’s why BikeWisdom.com tries to give some tips of riding a motorcycle in the rain.

01. Riding motorcycle in the rain without self-confidence

Self-confidence is something we must have. But when you take the bike to the road after the rain, the confidence is not so good. You really should be afraid to put the bike on the road after a rain. Because after the rain, the oil on the road may be scattered all over the way. So the slipperiness of the road will increases. So if you are riding a motorcycle in the rain, you should drive the bike with a little suspicion.

02. Riding motorcycle in the rain on erosion road

You may also think that rain is better because of the road may get cleaned naturally. Yes, the dust on the road will be gone. It’s good. But rains can remove the roughness of any road as well. You know that tires need to feel rough to go on any road. But if the sand, small gravel, and other rough areas get out of the way due to rain, the road can get slippery.

03. Landslides

If you are in hill areas right now and it is a rainy day,you should be aware of landslides. Landslides have been experienced, especially in the hill areas. Therefore, if you are traveling in these areas during the rainy season, you should consider the landslide warnings. You are most likely to get lost with your bike due to sudden landslides and rocks.

04. Parking in the rain

If you’re riding a motorcycle in the rain, then the next thing to think about is parking. These days you can not park a bike like before. Look at the condition of the ground where you are going to park your bike. Especially if you park your bike on a lawn look carefully. If the soil under the lawn may slightly be loosened, the motorcycle has fallen when you return.

05. Animals

The likelihood of some animals coming out of the environment after rain is very high. So when you go on a bike, take a look at both sides of the road. After the rain, animals in the environment may come out.

06. puddle spots

After the rain, we can find plenty of places where the water does not pour down properly. Most of the time, there may have been small pits. When you go on a bike, you can not jump on them like we usually do when walking. We don’t know what’s in these mud pits. So avoid the mud pits as much as possible.

 Also, if the water runs through the middle of the road or if the road is submerged at some level, the best option is to use an alternate route. If this happens in an area, you do not know well. Put the bike into the water only after getting some advice from someone who knows the area and condition here very well. Also, make sure that your motorcycle can withstand that water level. But the best way is to go the alternative route.

07. Visibility

The next thing you need to pay more attention to when riding a motorcycle in the rain is this. You’re not the only one on the road when it rains. So you should always treat other drivers on the road well. Therefore, even if you are in the middle of the day, remember to turn on the lights. Then the front and rear drivers will see you well.

08. Dress for the rain

We don’t know the raining time. But it can rain at any time. So if you’re a regular bike rider, you’ll have to get ready for rain any time. If you can buy your raincoat kits, there is no loss. And when it rains, you should put gloves on. It will help you to grip the Handle Bar well. And if you can wear something like goggles, you can see the road clearly, even in the rain. Also remember that if you wear a raincoat jacket or jacket in orange or yellow color, you can recognize anyone on the road during rain. It brings an added advantage to your safety.

These things are not only for these days. So if you’re riding a bike in the rainy season, remember what we said.

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