What are the five tenets of taekwondo

What are the five tenets of taekwondo

The tenets of taekwondo are typically chanted at the beginning of the taekwondo class. There are two methods of chanting, students can recite oath with an instructor, or they can recite after the instructor. Reminding their obligation to this art, unison(instructor), friends, and society is the primary obligation of the tenets of taekwondo. Bow-in is another beautiful process in taekwondo. Greeting to others is a quality feature from a highly developed society. In taekwondo, Bowing to the International Taekwondo-Do Federation flag or the ITF flag, the flag of the country, bowing to the head instructors, and also bowing to the instructors who will be conducting the class.

The tenets of taekwondo are included with five factors. This tenet of taekwondo is valid for ITF Taekwondo-Do and other Taekwondo-Do federations such as GTF or UITF. We can call these five factors as principles of taekwondo.

1.tenets of taekwondo- Courtesy

One time load buddha said that “Treat others as you wish to be treated”. It is one of the amazing rule in many religions and philosophies. It is simply how you treat others, and it is all about your politeness of attitude and behaviour for others. So what does this mean for taekwondo or any martial arts?

Let me give a list of them,

  • Showing your respect to unison (instructor, Master) and your friends.
  • Attending on time for classes (not only taekwondo classes).
  • Bowing when entering the class(dojang) and leaving the class(dojang).
  • Bowing to black belts or higher rank.
  • Standing and paying your attention for higher rank when they speak.
  • Addressing your Master or instructor with respect.
  • Be kind and helpful to junior ranks.

Now I would love to give some examples for courtesy from the real world. Because that will be important for all of us, and those are the things we can gain from martial arts or tenets of taekwondo.

  • You can give your seat to someone who really needs in public transport.
  • You can give your seat to someone who really needs in public transport.
  • Saying “thank you” for someone’s help
  • Addressing elders with respect and be nice to them.
  • Saying sorry or apologizing when you made a mistake.etc..

2. tenets of taekwondo- Integrity 

Integrity is an excellent feature of a character. Simply it is all about your favor to do the correct thing at every time. It will bring more value to your life and respect from others. If you be honest with yourself and with others will lead you to a happy life without thinking about the guiltiness of wrongdoing. As an example, if your instructor told you for 30 push-ups and you remember the tenets of taekwondo, you do 30, not 28 or 29.

Let’s take an example from real life to understand this better,

  • You will keep promises as it is if it takes extra effort.
  • Don’t copy or cheat in the exam.
  • If you get too much change back, you will give it back to the cashier.
  • You’ll do the only right thing even you are forced to do wrong.etc..

3. Perseverance

“Try and try, One day You can fly,” that is how perseverance can explain. It is more than giving up. You believe in yourself how hard the time is. Perseverance develops your discipline to control yourself in hard situations. To be a persevering man, you should have excellent mental and physical health. This tenet is also valid for students both inside or outside the dojang, as same as the other five tenets of taekwondo. What does this mean in martial art? If your target is getting a black belt, you should persevere to achieve this. To persevere means, you would do practicing again and again. You continue practicing patiently, without visible progress from you. You would not give up when you feel quitting, and you will do everything to achieve your goal.

  • Edison had to fail thousands of times before inventing the light bulb.
  • Jack Ma found Alibaba.com after failed to find a job.
  • Colonel sanders found KFC when he was 60 years old.

Never give up on your dream. Keep practicing, keep striving, and focus on your goal. That’s is the spirit of perseverance from tenets of taekwondo.

4. tenets of taekwondo- Self-control

As same as other tenets of taekwondo, this is an important tenet to master not even in taekwondo but in your life as well. When you stand in front of a mirror, you can see one the only person who can control yourself in your life. In my opinion, self-control is controlling your emotions or desires in any situation. This is hard to practice and will take a long time. Sometimes we can call this as self-discipline as well. The decisions you take with self-discipline are all most correct. Controlling meals, personal hobbits, relationships can do really well when you are in self-control.

Let’s see what self-control is means in taekwondo. When tough guys want to fight with you in school or street, you still remain calm and with self-control. Because you know the tenets of taekwondo, and it is based on self defense. You would use it when necessary situations. As Lao Tzu says that “Best fighters never get angry.”

I’ll give some examples from our daily lives,

  • When your sister ate your all chocolate-box, but you stay calm.
  • Even someone blames you for what you didn’t do. You stay calm.
  • There are sweets in In-front of you. But you have a diet plan.
  • Giving a chance to others during a discussion.
  • Friends made a plan for watching a late-night movie, but you stay at home and preparing for tomorrow’s exam.

5. Indomitable spirit

Indomitable spirit is the cumulation of the other four tenets of taekwondo. It builds a unique person who has the courage and strength to face any situation. It is called spirit because it cannot be subdued or overcome. The person or student who has an indomitable spirit has full of confidence to handle or overcome challenges and obstacles in life. He always tries to find win and not accept failures. You may fail ten(10) times, but you can stand up again because you have an indomitable spirit and other tenets of taekwondo.

As a taekwondo student, you should learn each and every day to find spirit inside you. Then you will feel that you have developed as a stronger and positive person with the time. That is the value of tenets of taekwondo.

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