What if the bike stops on the road?

What if the bike stops on the road?

Even if you know everything about the bike, it is common to break a motorcycle on the road. But if you know the right thing to do at the time, it is good for your pocket and your body. Today in this article “What if the bike stops on the road?” at Bikewisdom.com, we tell you what to do if the bike stops on the road.

Tire patch

The most common thing that can happen to you on the road is the tire patch. But that’s the worst thing that can happen on a trip. What would you do if that suddenly happened?

It is better to take medicine before you get sick. That story is also valid here. You need to get out of the house with an answer to this question. So don’t forget to pick up the Puncture kit. If your bike is tubeless, it’s not a big deal to fix it. You can read the instructions in the Puncture kit and get the job done.Nevertheless, check the tire pressure at the next station. If you have a tube on your tire and patch has happened in an unknown area, you have to keep pushing the bike until you find the next garage. Keep in mind to lose the valve nut a bit. Otherwise, you may have to change the tube as well.

Battery dead

Your bike may not start on the road, and it may be because the battery is gone. If your motorcycle is self-start one, there are several ways to revive a bike.By using a jump cable, you can try to start the bike. You can charge your battery connecting your battery’s positive, Negative terminal with positive, Negative terminal of the other battery. But then you have to keep the engine at the start. In the meantime, the battery will be charged.

Unfortunately, if you can’t find a jump cable, you can try it like this.

Put the 2nd gear on, grab the clutch, and tell somebody to push it until it takes average speed. If you feel this speed is good, drop the clutch at once. The bike will start with a little kick. Once again, grab the clutch and turn on the fuel controller or throttle. Then the engine gets better fuel supply, and you can keep the engine in working condition.

Clutch cable

It is not always possible to break the bike’s clutch cable on the way. But nobody knows when this can happen. If a bike clutch cable breaks on the road, you have an extra bike clutch cable, and if you know how to put it right, That is fine. But you don’t even have a cable, or you don’t know how to put it down.so what?

The best thing is to push the bike to the nearest garage. But if there is no garage near, you can do a little work. There is a way to change gear without a clutch. But it has to be done with discipline. Give it a little effort, slow down your bike, and change the gear very smoothly. There you will find a place to shift the gear carefully. But don’t forget that the gearbox can be severely damaged if this is not done properly and smoothly.

We cannot tell when and where these things will take place. But it is good to remember these things in this article “What if the bike stops on the road?” and what you have to do if these things happen.

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